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Welcome to the Mancave.

I'm the newest member of the mancave where we eat cajun trail mix straight from the bartop and talk politics and celebrity gossip. Located in the heart of Manchester, NH, Vivian Beer Studio Works is in a shared space with a few handy car buffs. It's a pretty good sized space though we seem to be busting at the seams with our current project, the best part though has got to be the mancave. Built by the guys in a shared area it is equipped with a couch, bar, tv, and a fridge filled with beer. Surrounded by a bunch of antique cars and more tools than NASA, the room looks like it could be a movie set filled with its quirky signs, gadgets, and collections. We try to get our work done during the day because when 5 o'clock comes around, you know where we end up!

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